Raffle Winners

Thank you so much to the 5 businesses that helped us with our Raffle.
Sacred Ground International - http://sacredgroundintl.org/sacred-hunt.php
Iron Horse Cafe and Pie Shop - https://www.ironhorsecafetf.com/
We could not do this without your help and support!
Thank you to Travis with 
Dutch Meat Shop

for helping us out with the processing!
Thanks also to Ben Mahoney for organizing the Buffalo Hunt and to all the MMF board members, advisors and friends that helped us sell tickets and to those of you that bought the tickets!
Congratulations again to our winners!
Buffalo Hunt winner - Jake Doherty
$300 grocery gift card - Ryan Hardy, BPPA
511 Tactical boots from Balco - Mary Jo Norton
$50 gift card to Sir Scott’s Oasis - Chris Williams
$50 gift card to Ironhorse Cafe and Pie Shop - Peggy Broermann