Grant Application

Currently our Grant Application process is Closed, we will re-open the grant process November 1st. 

As always, If you have an immediate need/emergency request, please reach out to us.

Grant Application Process:

 One of the goals of our foundation is to provide grants to help meet the needs of Law Enforcement agencies across Montana. These grants are designed to help bridge the gap between what you receive as part of your budget and what funds you might need above and beyond that to help keep your officers as safe as possible.

Eligibility Requirements:

1. Must be a Law Enforcement Agency in the state of Montana.

2. Must be able to show why these funds are needed and why you were unable to get funding elsewhere for the need/needs.

3. When applying for funds please include the following:

     -Cover letter requesting consideration as an applicant

     -Completed Application

     -Any other documents needed to further explain your


Please mail these applications to Mason Moore Foundation PO Box 1193 Three Forks, MT 59752

Any questions please email us a


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